Does it cost anything to upload and analyze my portfolio on OwnAmerica?

No. Portfolio valuation and financial management is completely free on the site. We want you to have the benefit of the best data and analytics that the biggest investors in history use, so you can get the best financial outcome possible. There are other services offered on the site, such and Broker Price Opinions, mortgages, etc., that will have a cost, but you will always know what that cost is before committing.

I want to sell all or part of my portfolio. How does that work?

OwnAmerica is a marketplace of rental homes for sale. Simply choose the properties you wish to sell, save them as a “Custom Portfolio”, and chose the option to “Create a Listing”. A representative of OwnAmerica will be in touch right away to execute a marketing agreement with you. Once it’s all agreed and signed, your portfolio will be placed on the site for sale.

Will my properties be marketed any place other than OwnAmerica, such as on the MLS?

No. This is a private marketplace that values discretion. Upon approving the listings for sale, we will immediately share them with other users of the site who have indicated an interest in buying assets like the ones you are selling. You also have the option to include your listings in the searchable database on the site. In that case, any users on the site will be able to see your listings and make offers.

Can I have a real estate agent represent me?

Yes, of course. OwnAmerica operates the largest network of certified investment specialists in the industry. Chances are we have several options for you in your local market and can assign your account to one of them. The will be compensated from the fees references above and not carry any additional charge.

Can I use the local real estate agent of my choice, even if they are not certified by OwnAmerica?

Of course.


Can I buy a portion of a portfolio, or do I have to buy everything a seller has for sale?

This option is set by each seller individually. Look for the field “Is cherrypicking allowed?” to see what the seller is willing to do.

How do I schedule a showing?

Rental properties on OwnAmerica.com are not allowed to be shown until the properties are in contract. This is out of respect for the tenants. Negotiate your purchase based on the numbers, a drive-by viewing, and the representations by the seller as to the condition. Once you are in contract, we can arrange inspections. If the condition is not as it was represented, you will have the option to renegotiate or cancel the contract during the due diligence period.

Is property management in place for all properties on OwnAmerica?

Yes and no. Some properties have third party management in place that would like to remain after a sale. Others will need to be transitioned to a new property manager. OwnAmerica offers connections to certified property managers in the markets where we have homes for sale.


Do I need to be certified by OwnAmerica to share inventory with buyers?

No. Feel free to share our inventory with anyone you wish.

Do I need to be certified by OwnAmerica to enroll owners I know on the Portfolio Analysis platform?

Yes, if you want to be credited with enrolling that owner.

Is there ever a time when I lose a buyer or seller, even if I enrolled them on OwnAmerica?

It can happen if the buyer or seller requests to be represented by another agent. OwnAmerica will never remove you from an account on our own.